Welcome to the Eco Era

We are a strong believer that this is the ERA that will save the planet. The positive environmental changes will start with us and we will introduce them to generations to come. 

Being a passionate environmentalist, our founder was focused on setting up educational programs that incorporated a one stop shop for all sustainable living needs. Not everyone can help the world in the same way so we have a broad focus on providing products and guidance that allow you to create your own 'Eco Diet' based on what you care about and what suits your life style. From dietary choices to product selections, you can really make a difference for the earth, wildlife and future generations. We have a variety of products that are either vegan friendly, organic, plastic free or are made in a sustainable way! Their is no judgment here on how you wish to take your first steps towards a more sustainable future. Through education, we hope to help people around the world find their perfect 'Eco Diet'.